IAPAE: International Academy of Physician Associate Educators

The term Physician Associate in our title is intended to be inclusive of Physician Assistants, Clinical Officers, Medical Assistants, Clinical Associates and all those others sometimes described in the literature by what they are not: i.e. as ‘non physician clinicians’, rather than by what they are and what they have to offer.

Organisational Purpose:

IAPAE is driven by a determination to maximize the contribution of Physician Associate professionals to global health care through identifying, developing and sharing best educational practice. The Academy will promote and continue to develop a vision for Physician Associate education which is truly international in perspective as well as in its focus. Whilst it seeks to clarify and enhance the common core of Physician Associate education, it equally recognises and values the diversity of the Physician Associate response to the health care needs of their individual nations. Whether seeking the common core or comparing different responses to health care needs, the Academy will promote scholarly activity to provide evidence for those seeking to develop Physician Associate education in their own country.

IAPAE will develop an electronic repository of educational initiatives, expertise and experience acting as a conduit for information exchange across interested educational entities. As the repository builds and a range of educational solutions to particular health care need and national circumstance are identified and evaluated, the Academy will provide guidance to educators facing similar situations. In addition to assessing the data held in the repository IAPAE will promote direct contact between those seeking solutions and those with relevant experience.

Mission Statement:

IAPAE brings together global Physician Associate Educators to develop and share best educational practice by respecting regional cultures.

Vision Statement:

We will be the leading international resource for existing and developing Physician Associate Educational programmes.


This organisation aims:

  1. To represent Physician Associate educators globally;
  2. To develop maintain and share a dynamic repository of knowledge and experience relating to international Physician Associate education;
  3. To undertake, commission and disseminate research and other scholarly activity concerning international Physician Associate education;
  4. To achieve and maintain a heightened awareness and promote recognition of Physician Associate education amongst national governments and international organisations.

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