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CHAIR: Jennifer Eames • Jennifer.Eames@hsutx.edu

Board support from David Lusale

Promote participation, collaboration and networking opportunities
Create comprehensive, functional membership database
Create marketing campaign on social media platforms
Create membership rates, benefits

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  1. Reuben Waswa

    Hi Members of Faculty and Membership. I hope we are back to our routine to earn our living. But besides that let’s spare a little time to accomplish our assignment from Lusaka. I had late last year requested members and other known contacts to send me a list of institutions in their countries that train APs. So far I’ve got from USA through a contact in Oregon, South Africa and Kenya. I hope to soon get from Malawi, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. Let’s expedite that process because it will enable us to get contact persons and hence effectively recruit members. In my view, social media will only help us maintain members rather than using it for recruitment, because as I’ve discovered other national and regional organizations akin to IAPAE exist and it might be difficult to sell IAPAE to such already organized members through social media. But if we approach institutions and get contact persons, they may be able to give us insights and also market IAPAE by word of mouth, as a global outfit not in competition with the exists ones. Through such contacts we may also be able to get names and contacts of leaders of existing organizations so that we bring them on board. It will be also easy to organize members from the institutional level and then country level to global level. That way we will lessen chances of having isolated members but aim to have teams of members who will also participate in decisions we make, such as deciding membership fees. I will forward the list I have compiled so far to the communication and repository committee and also share with committee members, once I get some two or three probable countries. David, I don not have Zambia’s list, unless I overlooked it. I also noted your suggestion that we get names through country associations – can you help in that case by virtue of you having most of those contacts. Although as we were informed in Lusaka, in some countries like Kenya, Associations do not keep records of trainers, but have records of members registered with them, regardless of whether they are trainers or not. Councils are the ones that keep records of schools and probably trainers because they license them. David also remember I was to act as chair of this committee pending confirmation from the previous chair, but as Scott indicated, she declined and someone else was to be appointed. May I know the position. Meanwhile let’s push on – slow but sure – this is a marathon and not a short race. We should double if not treble membership by the time we go to Switzerland.

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