Birth of IAPAE

Birth of IAPAE

IAPAE was born out of a group of friends that had an idea to develop an academy that would bridge the gap of oceans and borders to develop the family of the physician assistant/ associate and all of the other titles globally that defines this wonderful profession.

In 2008, the International Forum for Physician Assistants Educators (IFPAE) was launched, by the founders; Professor Dana Sayre Stanhope, Professor David Fahringer, Professor Nick Ross and Dr Phil Begg.  Inspired by our conversations the previous year, we held our inaugural meeting in Savannah Georgia USA; the meeting was small yet representative of over 20 nations, all enthusiastic about the development of our academy. The format set the way in which our annual conference would develop year on year, that being stimulating keynote speakers, followed by round table discussions and also the opportunity for short papers to enable everyone who wanted to participate, to do so.


  1. David Njeru

    It was indeed a great idea to come up with IAPAE. I believe that the sky is the limit

  2. Gladys O.B Akowuah

    Wonderful idea,Wonderful step.lets go all heights

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